How do we make buying and selling decisions:

  1. Evaluate company and product features to find intrinsic value (aka fundamental analysis)
  2. Look for price fit, price movement, discounts, offers etc. (aka technical analysis)
  3. Search online for the right product – just Google it! (aka search analysis)
  4. Look for reviews, blogs, tweets, news items, research reports to read what experts and common people are saying about the product (aka sentiment analysis)


Stock Sentiment Trader (SST): Artificial Intelligence (AI) & blockchain powered Equity Research & Trading platform that empowers institutional investors to gain real time and unique insights that multiply trading gains, manage risk and improve compliance.

The platform enables transparency and improved collaboration across Traders, Research Analysts, and Portfolio Managers while ensuring that trading actions & strategies stay aligned with the firm’s objectives. SST’s blockchain powered consortium fosters collaboration across like-minded firms using the SST product. Creating a win-win ecosystem!

Product Vision

For equity research and trading there is an explosion of content from a multitude of sources that needs to be searched and analysed in real time.

Fundamental and Technical analysis is formally defined with a large number of mathematical and statistical indicators. No formal and recognized definition of indicators for sentiment and search analysis.

How do we get this huge and diverse content together in one place to search, analyze, and collaborate to discern insights in real time?

Stock Sentiment Trader (SST) endeavors to solve the above problems!

Target Market

SST functions across the front, middle and back office departments. It enhances trading gains, manages portfolio risk, and improves compliance by ensuring that trades align with the firms objectives

The target market consists of both buy side & sell side firms including:

  • Hedge Funds
  • Asset Managers
  • Investment Banks
  • Boutique Research firms
  • Broker Dealers

Solution Overview

User Roles

Query Marketplace

Stock, Sector and Market wise list of currently trending queries along with their rating and cost structure will be displayed by each publishing organization (trading firms that are members of the consortium).
Each consortium member will have a customized view based on the firms relationship with the publishing firm.
Firms can purchase queries visible to them. The publishing firm (seller organization) will receive a one time query fee and will also receive commissions every time the purchasing firm makes a successful trade using this query.
Queries once purchased can be modified and resold to other firms in the consortium. Smart contracts will be executed to ensure that fees and commissions are received by all organizations that have created direct ancestor versions of this query.

Modular & Configurable

  • SST is architected as a set of loosely coupled components. Customers can pick and choose what they want now. Buy what they need in the medium/long term later
  • Available with its own UI or headless. SST API’s enable integration with third party trading applications.
  • Can be configured to meet every users needs:
    • Various Data sources for qualitative and quantitative sentiment can be configured
    • Select news feeds can be configured
    • Choice of multiple sentiment engines – third party and custom FinSoftAI engine
    • Sentiment weights can be configured
    • Technical indicators can be selected/configured to the users liking
    • Heatmap can be configured based on different parameters
    • Query elements can be configured (future offering for a configurable query)
    • Commission rules can be configured
    • Custom Audits can be configured and scheduled

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